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Beyond Boundaries: Elevating Thermal Efficiency for Your Space

What sets us apart is our expertise in optimising thermal efficiency through our passive house building work. While creating a complete thermal envelope may be challenging when it comes to extensions and renovations, our team can still apply these principles to enhance energy efficiency, where requested. We use modern methods of construction (MMC) and excellent thermal materials, meaning that the end result can be superior to the standards achieved by regular builders.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes: More Than Just Builders

Selecting a construction company is a significant decision, and at New Meaning Construction, we’re much more than just builders – we are craftsmen with a purpose. Our proficiency in passive house construction ensures that your project is handled by professionals who prioritise quality, efficiency, and reliability, resulting in a superior outcome.

Innovative Solutions, Timely Results: No Hidden Costs, No Fuss

We understand the urgency of bringing your vision to life, and our team is committed to delivering swift and impeccable results without hidden costs or unnecessary complications. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are determined to make the journey from concept to completion as seamless as possible.

Empowering Future Generations: A Difference Beyond Construction

Choosing New Meaning Construction means supporting a business with a unique mission. Our roots in NMC’s sister company, NMT, reflect our commitment to providing work experience and job opportunities to young individuals who need a leg up.

Your Dreams, Our Expertise: Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

Embark on your extension or renovation journey with confidence, knowing that New Meaning Construction offers comprehensive support from the outset. Whether you’re in the early planning stages or armed with planning permission and detailed architectural drawings, our team is poised to elevate your project beyond the capabilities of a non-passive house builder.

Discover the New Meaning Construction difference – where innovation meets craftsmanship, and expertise ensures an outcome that exceeds expectations.

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To help smooth the process of planning your extension or renovation, we’ve put together a handy guide. We like small jobs as much as we like big projects, especially if you’re located nearby!

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This renovation project was all about creating a well thought-out kitchen space with a sense of flow. Home owners Cathy and Dave bought the house during lockdown but two previous kitchen-diner extension jobs hadn’t been well executed and needed a proper overhaul. Cathy said “the previous owners had done it the cheapest way without putting in proper structural bits. So with the ridiculously positioned pillar and arch it was a bit like a blooming playschool, we just need a round window to complete the set really.”

Young graduates Rupesh and Nigel from NMC’s sister company’s (New Meaning Training) Construction Skills programme were able to join the team. Cathy commented on how the team left the sink in working order for as long as possible and that each night after the workers had gone, Cathy noticed how clear and tidy it was. She said…

The floor was so clean I could tiptoe across the kitchen without shoes on and they tidied away their props so we could still get access.

Once work was underway a few new challenges came to light. Dave comments “when they took down the ceiling in the old extension we found that it was barely insulated, probably why our kitchen was so cold. We thought we’d end up with this fluffy stuff you put in the roof, but they used more solid stuff that they use in their energy efficient passive house builds. It has worked out to the good because we’re going to get a warm kitchen.” _Another challenge was how to optimise the corner space. Dave continued…

they came up with some blooming brilliant ideas and suggestions. We totally trust them. I mean the walk-in pantry that they created is absolutely brilliant. It really is. Amazing. I think the team were a little dubious about the idea at first but then they got excited about how they could do it. I think they’re very proud of themselves. And so they should be, so I’m really very pleased.


Extension remodelling and kitchen fit

  • Remove pillar (ugly and blocked light)
  • Remove concrete lintel (inadequate length and support)
  • Steel support across the whole aperture
  • Remove door and replace with window
  • Remove window and radiator and replace with door
  • Kitchen rewiring and replumbing
  • Levelling floor across area of 2 previous badly executed extensions
  • Took old ceiling down, applied insulaton and new plasterboard
  • Plastered ceiling and walls
  • Laminate kitchen flooring installation at 45 degree / diagonal angle
  • Installation of Howdens kitchen
  • Tiling, painting and decorating
  • Light fitting in kitchen and dining room area


  • Installation of Bi-fold doors from front room to dining rooom
  • Front porch floor tiling
  • Remove aerial and repair decayed
  • chimney pointing